It all started 5 years ago…. There were two dancers Nina Lekovska and Dimitar Mishev, enthusiasts and visionaries that took the road to culture, to make something different in the world of art, in the land of the dances. Being owners of the dance studio “Sonrisa” for almost 5 years, doing hard work in spreading the Cuban dance culture in Macedonia with endless desire to make it part from every dancer’s heart, the idea for the first Cuban festival was born and they name it “Hola Ohrid”.
Hola Ohrid” was the first Cuban Salsa Festival in Macedonia. The focus on this festival was to make people happy, to make them dance like they never did before, to provide high quality workshops for all of the Cuban dances, and also unforgettable parties.  All we can say for the written above is that we accomplish our goals; you can see that in the section of galleries, or on YouTube.
We made the dance festival of our dreams, we made new friends, we made history, we made tradition, we made people happy, we made them smile and we gave them memories for life…. But most important is that we made the possibility to make HOLA OHIRD VOL.3!
All we can say for the second festival is that we are ready to make new unforgettable 3 days of your life, so you better BE THERE OR BE NOWHERE!


Do you want to book your seat? Do you have additional questions? We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


©2017 Hola Ohrid - a leading Cuban dance festival organized by Tancov Klub Sonrisa

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